Changing the buying experience

The Kick Sales Platform makes the buying process easier and transparent by supplying accurate information to buyers on an easy-to-use platform.

"A horse can catch my eye in the back parade ring last minute - now I can quickly check the horse on the sales platform on my phone then bid with total confidence."

- Bill Mitchell

Buyers can freely login and find out records such as ownership and breeder details, horse history, extensive pedigree information, x-ray reports, scope reports, dam progeny records and links to race replays.
Each horse page is accessible via a mobile device, allowing buyers to access information quickly and easily

A seamless experience for Buyers

A digital one-stop-shop handbook transforming the yearling buyer experience
Full disclosure of horse ownership and breeder
Ability to accurately value each horse based on full disclosure of information
Confidence in transparency in the history of the horse, knowing where the horse was born and reared prior to sale
Fast, easy access to essential horse information on desktop, tablet or mobile phone including x-rays, scopes and current treatments, at no cost
Ease in conducting due diligence and exceeding compliance standards for syndicators and agents

Built for Vendors

Bhima Thoroughbreds launched the Kick Sales Platform at the 2019 Magic Millions Yearling Sale with overwhelming positive feedback and continued using it at every yearling sale in 2019. Bhima's current clearance rate for 2019 is 97.4%, which compares to the current industry clearance rate 84.19%.

"When you look at the whole industry as far as buying and selling goes, it’s no different to purchasing other commodities like a house or a car – the information is there, but there are barriers in terms of time, accessibility and money. When you stand in the shoes of the buyer with catalogues of 1000 horses plus these days, it’s easy to see how their experience can be improved. This service and platform puts full information on the product in front of the buyer quickly and easily."

- Mike Fleming



inc GST, price per horse

Sales platform with no pedigree information



inc GST, price per horse

Sales platform with detailed pedigree information



inc GST, price per horse

Sales platform with detailed pedigree information and linked to client website

If I didn't have that sales platform information provided by Bhima I might have assumed that something was slipping through the cracks and had a problem. I might not have been able to bid, but I had all of the information at my fingertips to have a couple of bids and ended up purchasing a very nice filly.

Bill Mitchell

At every sale there are many very nice horses that slip through the cracks under value, simply because as a buyer, I can’t vet every single horse I like. It is cost prohibitive. The sales platform has revolutionised the buying process for me and will allow me to bid on a lot more horses.

Craig Rounsefell

The Kick Sales Platform is revolutionary and as a buyer, you couldn't ask for better service from a consignor. I was able to quickly jump onto the site and access the information required. I hope all consignors quickly adopt it.

Damon Gabbedy

At my level of the market I'm trying to buy value, aiming for the middle to lower end of the market. Things like X-rays, veterinary history, ownership details of the horse and where the horse has been reared is very important to me.One of the great virtues of the platform is transparency. I think the more transparency, the better,for the industry as a whole.

Jamie Walter

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