2021 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale - Three Bridges Thoroughbreds

28-2 February

28Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtFast Approaching 19HellbentFast ApproachingWithdrawn
95Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtIn This Life 19ZoustarIn This LifeFor Sale
122Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingFillyLady Cartier 19Written TycoonLady CartierFor Sale
133Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtLe Havre 19Dundeel (NZ)Le HavreFor Sale
194Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtMisty Rock 19Street Boss (USA)Misty RockFor Sale
259Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtProvocative (NZ) 19I Am Invincible Provocative (NZ)For Sale
260Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtPure Pride (NZ) 19PierroPure Pride (NZ)For Sale
278Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingFillyRecurring Dream (NZ) 19InvaderRecurring Dream (NZ) Withdrawn
308Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtSatisfied 19Menari Satisfied For Sale
421Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtValour 19SebringValourFor Sale
468Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtAl Dhakira (USA) 19Manhattan RainAl Dhakira (USA)For Sale
496Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingFillyAvenue 19Dundeel (NZ)Avenue For Sale
558Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtColerne 19PierroColerneFor Sale
587Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtDorf Command 19Spirit of BoomDorf CommandFor Sale
712Three Bridges ThoroughbredsYearlingColtSleight of Hand 19Impending Sleight of Hand For Sale

*Or near offer